Chiro-Health Chiropractic New Patient Special!
  • Thorough Health History Consultation
  • ​Detailed Spine and Neurological Examination
  • ​Postural Assessment
  • ​Report of Findings
  • ​All with the Purchase of your First Adjustment Treatment! ($235 Total Value)
Dr. Amelia Mazgaloff
Your New Patient Special Includes:
  • One FREE Thorough Health History Consultation and Goals Assessment that will find the traumas or repetitive strains of your spine that most often lead to a chronic condition.
  • ​​​One FREE Detailed Spine and Neurological Examination that will help determine how the underlying posture problem is affecting nerves, causing pain and limiting you from the things you like or need to do.
  • ​​​One FREE Postural Analysis that will help us understand exactly what is the underlying posture problem in your spine and how to correct it. 
  • ​​A FREE Detailed Report of Findings when we will review the results of your examination and the next steps to get you out of pain and living your best life! ($235 Total Value!)
  • ​​$115 First Treatment - Full Body Chiropractic Adjustment. We have a professional and highly experienced spinal adjustment and manipulation treatment. In our clinic, we can use our specialized tools and equipment to apply pressure to specific locations along your spine to improve alignment for instant relief.  
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